Mother Clyde Memorial West End Garden



The City of Atlanta's first Community Garden. It was founded in 1995 by 97-year-old Mother Clyde and Sister DeBorah Williams to rid the neighborhood of abandoned lots. Because of this movement, a neighborhood watch was founded, the WENA the West End Farmer’s Market ATL and 2  adopted parks that have become fruit orchards and gardens in parks. Intergenerational, Entrepreneurial, and  Leadership programs were born. This eco-friendly garden specializes in producing peppers, marketing hot pepper sauce, and canning/preserving classes

 1 This Spring parents  can drop off children for a 3-hour garden class FREE with snacks 

2,  Sharecropping  timeshare is available  ( share the work share the crop

Call us:

(404) 755-9441

Find us: 

555 Hopkins Street SW,  bldg -A

Atlanta, GA 30310

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