Instructions: Using Your Credit Card to Donate - Version 2

Thank you for wanting to become a donor to R.E.D.E.E.M.E.D Community Outreach /Redeem Projects!  your donation will help us sustain 

A community A home A job and access to local Foods 


REDEEMED Projects:

REDEEM House for women

Adopted Parks - Lucile & Holderness  and Gorden White 

Mother Clyde Memorial  End garden /urban pepper farm

West End Farmers Market ATL 



 Thank you in advance for supporting our community outreach projects

dream hope and wishes  May God bless YOURS!


To accept your credit card donations, we use the payment processor PayPal.  PayPal is a trusted, well-known company known worldwide for processing payments safely and securely. 


Using any of the donation buttons found throughout the site,  you can donate to REDEEM using your credit card in 6 easy steps.  To see how follow the red arrows on the screenshots below along with the instructions.GG



Note: These instructions come in two versions.  This is the second version and is for people who receive the following screen when they click on the "Donate" button:






If you don't receive this screen, but instead see the following screen, then you get to use the easier version of the instructions!  Click here or the image below to be redirected to the appropriate version of the instructions:  






If you experience any difficulties, feel free to contact us here.

STEP ONE: Find a Donation Button and Click On It


There are 5 donation buttons on REDEEM, but you only need one to make a donation.  The easiest one to find is the one at the top of every page below our social media links.  See the screenshot below to find it. 


STEP TWO: Enter Donation Amount


After you've found the donation button and clicked on it, you should see the following page where you can make your donation.  Enter your donation amount where indicated by the red arrow below:

STEP THREE: Find "Continue" Button Under "Don't Have a PayPal Account?"


After entering your donation amount, find the "Continue" button under the bold "Don't have a PayPal account?" heading (see the red arrow on the screenshot below).  Clicking this button allows you to donate to REDEEM without creating a PayPal account.  Your donation will still be processed safely and securely through PayPal's well-known, secure credit card processing system.  This is just a quicker and easier way to donate.

STEP FOUR: Enter Your Information and Click "Review Donation and Continue"


After clicking "Continue," you will be redirected to a screen to enter your country, first and last name, credit card number, expiration date, billing address, city, state, zip, phone number, and email.  Please enter this information carefully.  After you have entered this information and rechecked it, click the "Review Donation and Continue" button at the bottom of the screen.