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The Mission of REDEEMED Projects, a Work Force Housings program, is to focus on  providing safe and stable housing for homeless women in metro Atlanta and offering agri-jobs and supportive services for the needy , men, women, families and our youth. REDEEMED also focuses on the present community Resources by cultivating Economic Development in the community through Entrepreneurship and Employment which leads to permanent housing and Mentor-ship.


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West End 



Night Out

Fright Against Crime

Resources, Economic Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship

Building a House


Re-entry Work Force

Housing Program

The REDEEM House provides a wholistic approach to the re-entry and transitional housing process that includes sound mental health and behavior evaluations, help in securing a clean, quiet and safe haven for themselves, and the ability to maintain income and live independently.​

Call 404-755-9441 for appointment 

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Mother Clyde Memorial

West End Garden

The City of Atlanta's first Community Garden was founded in 1995 by 97-year-old Mother Clyde and Sister DeBorah Williams to rid the neighborhood of abandoned lots. Because of the movement, a neighborhood watch was founded, the WENA, the West End Farmer’s Market ATL, and two adopted parks that have come to feature fruit orchards and gardens.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

West End

Farmers Market


This event provides the West End community and surrounding area with an opportunity to purchase local, fresh goods, or market added-value products.


Sponsors, Vendors, Added Value Produce and Talent Showcase Opportunities available. Accepting WIC, SNAP, debit, credit cards. Get more with WWG $2 for $1 double and save.


Contact Market Manager at 404.755.9441


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There are so many more ways to get involved with us. Click below to find out more about our other projects, including West End Neighborhood Association, National Night Out, and our Adopted Park Fruit Orchard projects!

Upcoming Events

WestEndFarmersMarket Fly 2021
WestEndFarmersMarket Fly 2021

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WestEndFarmersMarket Fly 2021
WestEndFarmersMarket Fly 2021

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The West End Farmers Market is back this June and we are looking for vendors:

The wait is over! Starting in June the West End Farmers Market is open on the Atlanta Beltline every Thursday thru Saturday afternoon. Come experience the joys of farm-to-table freshness and see for yourself the best of what ATL's growers have to offer!

We always welcome the participation of vendors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to provide the vital goods and services our communities need. If you're interested in vending, please reach out to us!


Come grow with us!

Are you looking to volunteer? Looking for housing assistance? Or looking to pick up some fresh produce? Bring home some flowers for bae or some green baby bushes to freshen up the air at home?

Let us know below how best you can contribute to our community building! Then click on the map to the right for directions to us!

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