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In August of 1993, R.E.D.E.E.M.E.D. Community Outreach was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Its founder is Sister DeBorah Williams. She knew that five factors had to be put in place for the REDEEM projects to make an impact in enhancing the present community.  These five factors include the following: providing Outreach Resource, Education, Economic Development, Employment, Empowerment, and Mentorship programs.

Thus, the name R.E.D.E.E.M Projects was born.  


REDEEMED is a grassroots, faith-based nonprofit. We are committed to improving environmental health and providing safety, food, housing, and job training to the community. This endeavor began by developing co-operative gardens, a farmer’s market, and fruit orchards right where we live. They have been built inside adopted parks and on abandoned lots to replace drug infested and abandoned properties. The outreach introduces agribusiness and entrepreneurship to residents to HELP create generational wealth to sustain their own lives!

Later Day Saints
Sister DeBorah Williams - Founder of R.E.D.E.E.M Community Outreach

Evangelist Sister DeBORAH Williams,

Founder of REDEEME Projects

The Mother Clyde Memorial West End Garden was birthed from REDEEM Outreach projects. Several projects were targeted for 3 populations: the homeless, unemployed, hungry low-income people.  Master Gardener Sister DeBorah teach these populations, agriculture, arg-business, arg-jobs,  urban farmer training., also life skills, Since then, REDEEM Projects  has formed three additional annual projects:


•  West End Neighborhood Association (WENA)

•  West End  Farmers Market ATL

•  Park Pride Adopted Parks (fruit orchard and community

   gardens  in a park) also housing while you work 


The 28 years of services that REDEEM has provided for its many projects have cumulated in numerous awards and accolades including:


•  National Night Out 2010 All-Star Award 

•  Atlanta Community Tool Bank Inaugural Legacy Builder

   Award 2011

•  City of Atlanta Chief’s Award for Zone 4 2012

•  Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch Award 2012 

•  Cox Conserves Heroes Award 2012  

•  Mayor Reid City of Atlanta Phoenix award 2013 

.  Councilmember Winslow Community Service Award 2019

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