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Grass with Dew

Mother Clyde Memorial West End Garden

The City of Atlanta's Historical West End 1st Community Urban Garden

Mother Clyde Memorial West End Garden was founded in 1995 by 97- year-old Mother Clyde Robinson and Sister DeBorah Williams to rid the neighborhood of abandoned and blight lots.  Because of this movement, the Green Space movement ,a neighborhood watch the West End Neighborhood Association  (W.E.N.A.), was founded the West End Farmer’s Market ATL, and two adopted parks that have come to feature fruit orchards and gardens. Inter- generational, Entrepreneurial, and Leadership programs were born in this garden. This eco-friendly farm specializes in producing peppers, marketing hot pepper sauce, and canning/preserving garden and farm training classes. Come Grow With Us !

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Resources, Economic Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship

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How can you get involved?

1. Come garden with us on Sundays from 10am to 1pm! We plant at the main garden as well as at the fruit orchards as well. The more, the merrier! Its Sharecropping: Share the work, share the crop!

2. This Spring parents can drop off their children for a 3-hour garden class FREE with snacks

3. Join the Atlanta Agricultural Alliance! We meet several times a week to grow, process, market and sell a product. It's a clinic in Farm-to-Table! and Plant to Plate 


Adopted Parks

Lucile - Holderness Park, Atlanta 30310

Park Pride’s Adopt-A-Park, this park was adopted by REDEEM projects in 2005. It was organized by the neighborhood watch, WENA, to clean up another abandoned lot. This REDEEM’s Adopt-A-Park boasts about being one of the first fruit orchards in a public park. This park has six fruit trees: two peaches, two pears, two apples and 25 blooming flower trees, plants, and herbs. Residents are welcome to pick for free during harvest time: May - August.

Gordon White Park Located on the Belt-Line

This park was adopted by REDEEM projects. It was organized by the neighborhood watch group WENA, friends of the park, volunteers, and NWIAA to be the first vegetable demonstration garden in this park. Seasonal vegetables are planted to educate residents about how to grow, when to grow, and what to grow in the space they have at home. Residents are welcome to pick and take home free vegetable samples. They can also enjoy watching free cooking demos by Master Gardener Sister DeBorah for 13 weeks at the "West End Farmer's Market Atlanta", open inside the park on the West End Beltline trail from June - September annually.

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